Agreement and terms of use of the Blackcircles website


This Website is a transactional site whereby consumers may purchase tires and installation and other services that will be delivered at selected physical locations. We do not deliver any goods or services at locations other than those specified herein. By asking you for your address anywhere on this Website, we do not offer nor represent that the goods and services purchased via this Website will be delivered at said address.


Who We Are

We are a company legally incorporated in Egypt under the name “BC Egypt for E-commerce” and having our principal place of business at Wahat road, In front of Dream Park, 6th of October city, Giza, Egypt.

Please remember that throughout the present document when we use the words  “we”, “us”, “our” or “Company” we mean BC Egypt for E-commerce When we refer to “you” we mean the user of our website.



(1) Introduction :

Welcome to Blackcircles The following terms and conditions concerning your use and logged site pages "Blackcircles Egypt" and all pages and links, tools and properties SACD. Your use of the Blackcircles website is your agreement to accept the terms and conditions of this agreement, which includes all the details below, and it is a confirmation of your commitment to respond to the content of this agreement for Blackcircles "Blackcircles Egypt'', in relation to your use of the website, hereinafter referred to as the "use agreement" and this agreement is considered in effect upon your acceptance of the option of consent.


(2) Your account and registration obligations:

Once the registration request is submitted for membership on the site, you are required to disclose specific information and choose a confidential username and password to be used when entering the site. Upon acceptance of the registration request, you will be considered a member of the site and thus, you have agreed to:


1. Be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account information and confidential password and determining the persons allowed to access and use your account on the site. You agree to notify Blackcircles immediately of any unauthorized use of your password or account or any other breach of your confidential information.


2. Blackcircles Egypt will not be responsible in any way for any loss that may happen directly or indirectly to you morally or financially as a result of disclosing the username or login password information


 3. You are responsible for maintaining the use of the Blackcircles Egypt website with all seriousness and credibility And you are considered obligated to compensate Blackcircles Egypt for any direct or indirect losses that may inflict Blackcircles Egypt as a result of any illegal, real or authorized use of your account by you or by any other person who obtained the keys to access your account on the site, whether it is to perform services and others using the name User and login password, either with or without authorization from you.


4. You agree to disclose real, correct, updated and complete information about yourself as required in the registration form at Blackcircles Egypt


5. That you do not include in the registration card any of your contact details such as email addresses, phone numbers, or any personal details. Or the word "Blackcircles"


7. Blackcircles Egypt is obligated to treat your personal information and your contact addresses with complete confidentiality with other members, and members are provided with your contact information only upon completion of the commercial operations


8. You will be obligated to maintain the registration data and update it accordingly to keep it Real, true, current and complete information, and if you disclose information that is not true, incorrect, not current, incomplete, or contrary to what is stated in the user agreement, Blackcircles Egypt has the right fullto suspend, limit or cancel your membership and your account on the site, without appending Damages to Blackcircles' other rights and its legitimate means to recover its rights.


9- Blackcircles has the absolute will at any time to conduct any investigations it deems necessary (directly or through a third party) and asks you to disclose additional information or documents of any size to prove your identity and / or Your ownership of your financial instruments.


10. In the event that the applicant for registration represents a commercial establishment, he must provide all the required information and documents that include your commercial license, other documents for the establishment and / or documents that show the responsibility of any person acting on your behalf.


11- You agree to provide any information and / or documents to Blackcircles if requested by you.


12. In the event of non-compliance with any of the above, the management of Blackcircles has the right to suspend or cancel your membership and block you from the site. We also reserve the right to cancel any unverified accounts, operations or accounts that have been inactive for a long period of time.



(3) Electronic Communications:

1. You agree to communicate with you via email, or by broadcasting promotional advertisements on the site, and you agree that all agreements, advertisements, data and other communications that you provide electronically replace their written counterparts, in meeting the legal needs.


2. During your membership period, Blackcircles Egypt will send promotional emails to inform you of any changes, procedures or new advertising activities that may be added to the site.


3. As a user, you have the right to confirm that you do not want to receive promotional emails, and you can cancel receiving such messages, by clicking on the “Ask not to receive promotional messages” option, which is available at the bottom of the promotional and advertising messages.



(4) Amendments to the User Agreement and this Blackcircles Egypt mechanism of action:

1. You know and agree that Blackcircles Egypt notifies you of any amendment to the User Agreement, according to which your obligations will be doubled or your rights diminished according to any modifications that may be made to the User Agreement


2. You agree that Blackcircles Egypt, with its absolute power and without liability, may make fundamental or subsidiary amendments to this agreement without requiring additional approval from you, at any time with immediate effect, by broadcasting an announcement of the amendment on the site.


3. You know that Blackcircles Egypt is not considered an auction or a bank and does not provide similar services, and Blackcircles Egypt is a technical website on the Internet that allows the purchase of goods registered on the site.


4 - The site has the right to make adjustments to the fees of operations as it deems appropriate, and any amendment will be announced through correspondence with you on your email, and the amendments may be temporary or continuous, whether they are on fees or details of shipping services, and you must abide by them according to their terms when they are announced.


5. All fees are calculated in the local currency of the location of the country in which you registered. You must pay all fees due on your operations on the site to Blackcircles plus any other taxes or expenses, within 30 days from the date of the invoice sent to it from Blackcircles, provided that payment is made by Approved means for this.


- Blackcircles Egypt also reserves the right to take any necessary steps, including legal, in the event that you do not pay the fees incurred by you in favor of Blackcircles Egypt

- Blackcircles Egypt reserves the right to take any necessary measures or steps that include, but are not limited to, legal cases to collect due fees and / or taxes and appropriate expenses.


- Despite our best efforts, there may be a small number of items in our catalog that are incorrectly priced. We will confirm the prices when we process your order. If we have made a mistake and the correct price of the product is higher than the price on the website, we may either contact you before shipping to confirm whether you want to buy the product at the correct price or cancel your order. If the correct price of the product is less than the declared price, we will charge you the lower price and send the product to you.



 (5) Your personal information and transaction detail information:

1. You have no objection to granting Blackcircles Egypt an unlimited, universal, permanent and irrevocable right, exempt from fees, and licensed to use personal information or materials or otherwise, which you provided to us for the site and / or advertised on the site through registration, bidding, purchase. Or, during the use of communications resulting from purchases on the site, to complete sales deals on other goods, directly or indirectly, from other sites via e-mail or other means of communication.


2- Manipulating or attempting to manipulate the site in any way, including the prices of any goods or services on the site, whether on your own or with the help of another party or user


3- Dodging and manipulating the site fee structure and billing process, or fees owned by Blackcircles Egypt.


4- Carrying out any action that would violate the systems for keeping the site’s information and data confidential, or disclosing or using any data or information for any reasons or actions not related to Blackcircles Egypt


5- Transferring your account on the site and the username to another party without informing the site’s management and its consent to This procedure is


6. Fabricating a claim on Blackcircles Egypt or causing total or partial loss of services for Internet operators or any other suppliers.


7-Carrying out any work that bears or may carry (in our view) enormous unjustified burdens on our infrastructure and employment policy.


8- Interfering or attempting to intervene to affect the course of work on the site.


9- Attempting to take over another user's account or perform any fraud on the site or user accounts and their other domains.


10. The export or re-export of any tools related to the site, except for what is stipulated in the laws governing the export in any of the legislation in force in such matters.


11. Reproduction, modification or distribution of any content on the site or breach of copyright or trademark inviolability in any way.


12- Violating any laws, provisions, regulations, guidelines, rights of third parties or Blackcircles Egypt contracts.



(6) Copyright:

1. All content on the website, including but not limited to texts, graphic designs, logos, button icons, icons, audio clips, digital loads, collected data and electronic software, are the property of their rights reserved either to Blackcircles Egypt or its users, the authors of these contents and the commissioners, which are protected within the copyright, trademarks, intellectual and creative property rights and laws.


2. The content collected on the site is the exclusive property and its rights are reserved to Blackcircles Egypt, and it is protected within the copyright, trademarks, rights and laws of intellectual and creative property.



(7) Trademarks:

1. Blackcircles Egypt, the owned logos, and other words and logos on the site are either registered or unregistered trademarks of Blackcircles Egypt, and they are protected by the rights and laws of ownership of other international and intellectual trademarks.


2. Blackcircles Egypt trademarks may not be used for products or services outside of Blackcircles or that may undermine its value and credibility. All other trademarks not owned by Blackcircles Egypt that appear on the website are the property of their respective owners, who may or may not be affiliated with, related to, or sponsored by Blackcircles Egypt.



(8) Damages to Blackcircles Egypt:

1. Any problems of any kind related to a violation of this user agreement must be reported to Blackcircles Egypt.


2. If you believe that your intellectual property rights have been violated, you must inform Blackcircles Egypt.


3. If Clause No. 2 above is proven, Blackcircles Egypt may resort, without prejudice to its interests and subsequent rights, to limit, suspend or block a user's access to a site and / or cancel his membership on the site, or remove his contents on the site.


4. Blackcircles Egypt can also resort to technical and / or legal steps against users who create problems or legal claims of any kind, such as violating the intellectual property rights of third parties or dealing in inappropriate ways with this user agreement or with our contracts.


5. It is forbidden to display the URLs and links to other sites outside Blackcircles Egypt, even if they belong to the item displayed on the site, and it is responsible for displaying the address for any damages that may result from the introduction of viruses or harmful software, whether for Blackcircles Egypt or any of its users



(9) Blackcircles Egypt Liability:


1. You will not hold Blackcircles Egypt responsible for users regarding the content, actions, reactions, merchandise or information they display.


2. Blackcircles Egypt is not responsible for any unsatisfactory or late performance by any of the parties , Nor for any losses, malfunctions or delays, due to unavailable goods or late delivery.


3. Blackcircles Egypt is not required to mediate or resolve any dispute or problem between users.


4. Blackcircles Egypt is not a supplier or manufacturer of any kind of merchandise purchased on the site.


5. Blackcircles Egypt does not represent or guarantee users' specifications regarding their legitimacy, credibility, and identity.


6. Blackcircles Egypt is not responsible for the security level of any link outside the site, and if the link address is displayed on the pages of Blackcircles displaying its goods on the pages of a third party, and that Blackcircles Egypt does not guarantee that it is free from viruses or any destructive means, you know And That agree Blackcircles Egypt is not responsible for the content or existence of such sites


7. Blackcircles Egypt does not bear any claims arising from errors or negligence, whether it is obtained by some measure or from a third party.


8. Blackcircles Egypt excludes from its warranties, terms and conditions any financial losses, defamation of reputation, and any special damages arising from your misuse or inability to use the site, and Blackcircles Egypt does not assume any responsibilities or claims in such cases.


9- You exempt Blackcircles Egypt and / or any of its officials and representatives, in connection with any claim, dispute, costs, damages, liability, and any direct loss to any party arising from an act by the users of the site, and in particular you waive according to applicable laws No claim on this.



(10) Confidentiality:

1. Blackcircles Egypt takes measures (physical, organizational and technological) to protect against unauthorized access to your personal identity information and to store it. Knowing that the Internet is not a safe means, and the confidentiality of your personal information cannot be 100% guaranteed


2. Blackcircles Egypt has no control over the actions of any third party, such as other Internet pages linked to this site, or third parties claiming to represent you or others. You know and agree that Blackcircles Egypt may use your information that you provided to it, in order to provide services to you in Blackcircles Egypt, and to send you marketing messages, and that the confidentiality contract on this site controls the collection, processing, use and transfer of your personal identity information.



(11) No guarantee:

Blackcircles Egypt provides for its website and services a sale of what the goods are on it, and as it is available, without approval and without its guarantee, neither inwardly or outwardly, including the title deed, its suitability for use, its quality, safety and originality. Blackcircles Egypt does not guarantee its accuracy, reliability or completeness, nor does it guarantee the information, texts, designs and means of communication used through the website. Blackcircles Egypt does not guarantee fixing defects and does not guarantee that the website is free from viruses and any other things that could harm users. One of the nature of communication via the Internet is that the information therein is subject to entry, corruption, and delays. The site may be exposed from time to time to a lack of readiness due to malfunctions, maintenance and development. You agree that Blackcircles Egypt is not obligated to support the site, and that you publicly agree to your visit to the site and bear your risks yourself.



(12) Limitation of Liabilities:

As permitted by law, Blackcircles Egypt, its employees, directors, agents, subsidiaries and suppliers will not be responsible for any direct loss or malfunctions arising from your use of the site. If you are not satisfied with the site or any of its contents and its materials, the solution is that you will not continue to use it. Moreover, you agree that any unauthorized use of the site and its services, due to your negligence, will cause harm to Blackcircles Egypt, and therefore Blackcircles will have to resort to the terms And the terms of the user agreement to



(13) provide information :

Blackcircles Egypt encourages buyers on the site to give feedback information (feedback) for each other after completing each purchase, this will help all users, and your retrieval information will be displayed with the user’s identity on the site, and you I agree not to publish retrospective information containing racist attacks or diminishing cultural value and any ironic comments, and it is also prohibited to publish retrospective information with the aim of promoting sales outside the site. If you continue to receive negative feedback information, Blackcircles Egypt will proceed to cancel your membership on the site.



(14) Security:

You agree to provide safety to Blackcircles Egypt, its directors, employees, agents, and suppliers, and to protect them from any damage that may be caused to them as a result of claims, losses, breakdowns, costs and expenses that occur due to your violation of the user agreement or your breach of any law, amendments, or infringement of the rights of third parties.



(15) Relationship and notices:

None of the terms of the user agreement include an indication of a partnership between you and Blackcircles Egypt, and you have no authority to bind Blackcircles Egypt in any way, and that any notices you want to send to Blackcircles Egypt, you must send them by post. E-mail, provided that Blackcircles Egypt responds to the email. You know and agree that any notices sent to you from Blackcircles Egypt will be announced on the website or by the email you provided to us during the registration process, and it is assumed that you received it 72 hours after sending. We may send you a notification by regular mail to the address you have provided us and it is assumed that it will reach you 7 days after sending.



(16) Transfer of rights and obligations:

You here grant Blackcircles Egypt the right to transfer part or all of its rights, benefits, obligations and responsibilities, to other parties working with it, without the need to refer to you, according to the provisions of the user agreement, and Blackcircles Egypt is obligated to notify you about such The transfers if obtained as well as by publishing on the site, while you cannot transfer your benefits, rights, and obligations to a third party without prior written permission from Blackcircles Egypt, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the user agreement.



(17) General information:

If any paragraph contained in this user agreement is invalid, canceled, or for any reason it is no longer in force, then such a paragraph does not nullify the validity of the rest of the paragraphs contained in the agreement. This agreement (which is amended from time to time according to its terms) sets out all the outlines of understanding and agreement between you and Blackcircles Egypt, taking into account the following:

- Any person who is not a party to this user agreement has no right to impose any terms or conditions in it.

- If the user agreement is translated into any language other than English, whether on the site or in other ways, the English text will prevail.



(18) Governing law and legislation:

This user agreement is governed and drafted according to the law of Egypt, and it is fully and completely subject to the legislation in force in the courts in Egypt. This paragraph provides an alternative that is resorted to in the event that this user agreement expires or is canceled for any reason whatsoever.



(19) Warranty terms and conditions

The warranty is only valid if the serial number of the item is present. Blackcircles Egypt reserves the right to cancel the warranty in the event that the buyer is found to have modified or removed the serial number of the item after purchasing it.


Upon the validity of the warranty, the duties and obligations of Blackcircles Egypt are summarized in the repair or replacement of the damaged part of the commodity, compensating the buyer with a part / or the total amount that the buyer paid for the commodity and the compensation is according to the price of the item in Blackcircles.


The maintenance covered by the warranty must take place inside the maintenance center accredited by Blackcircles Egypt. As for attempting to maintain the item outside this center, the warranty will be canceled completely, and Blackcircles Egypt shall not be responsible in any way for compensating the buyer for the damaged item as a result of this maintenance, nor is it responsible for any Also form any claims or damages that may arise from maintenance outside the approved maintenance centers. The warranty must be done at the authorized service center of Blackcircles Egypt. The warranty is void in the event that any kind of maintenance is attempted outside the approved center, and Blackcircles Egypt is not responsible for any damages, compensation or claims resulting from the maintenance of the item outside the approved center for maintenance.


Maintenance or even replacement of goods that are carried out in accordance with the terms and conditions of the guarantee does not and will not be considered or lead to the renewal of the warranty period. Maintenance or replacement in any way is not considered a renewal of the warranty period that was granted to the buyer with the goods.


Blackcircles Egypt warranty does not cover any cases in which it appears that the item's damage is an error in design, material or any other workmanship defects.


All of the following are excluded from the warranty:


periodic inspection, general maintenance,

faulty use, which includes - but is not limited to - faults that arise from the buyer's lack of knowledge of the correct way of making the good, or trying to operate it in contradiction with the policy of Blackcircles Egypt or the manufacturer, in addition To malfunctions resulting from the use of any accessories that are not approved for use with the commodity.


Any malfunction that arises as a result of an error in installation or installation results in a breach of the instructions contained in the user manual or those that Blackcircles Egypt granted to the buyer when he purchased the item.


All malfunctions resulting from various accidents such as lightning strikes, destiny, floods and civil disturbances or other causes that are beyond Blackcircles Egypt’s control and cannot be controlled.


Malfunctions that result from modifications to the commodity to match international or local standards in all regions in which goods are sold that were not originally designed to work in them.


This warranty is not transferable from one person to another, and it will be the only means by which the buyer can take advantage of the services of Blackcircles Egypt or its approved maintenance centers in the warranty document, which will be responsible for any explicit or implicit breach of any of the terms of this warranty.


Legal Liability: Blackcircles Egypt is not responsible in any way for any loss of information that may be stored / preserved on any of the goods that are maintained or replaced.


(20) Shipping and Delivery:

Delivery Method and Charges

  • We use FedEx to handle and dispatch all orders made using the home shipping method or next day delivery
  • Prior to delivery, FedEx will contact you using the contact number provided during the checkout to confirm the delivery time
  • Shipping fees vary depending on the Order Quantity and Item Weight, an accurate account of the fees is provided during the Checkout Process.
  • If you have chosen installation at one of our authorized garages, your chosen product will be delivered to the fitting center and will be available at the date and time of the fitting.

Delivery Lead Times

  • All orders are dispatched on the same day and are delivered within 2 – 5 working days, depending on the region

Regional Shipping

  • We deliver to all regions throughout Egypt, however, shipping times vary by region



During sale periods and promotions, the delivery time may be longer than normal. When your order leaves our distribution center, we will notify you via Call. If you have chosen installation at one of our partnered garages, your chosen product will be delivered to the fitting center and will be available at the date and time of the fitting.



(21) Exchange and Return Policy:

Return and refund policy 


A Problem can happen and should not be taken with great concern. Blackcircles return policies are very easy to understand and our team is here to guide you through any process you find complicated. If the order you have issued does not meet with your standards or was not a necessity for you at the time, you may return it. will accept returns within 14 days of delivery. 


The Refund policy: 

If you decide to call off your order; the customer will only have to cover the transport fee to send the tires back to our warehouse (the return fees are usually depending on your location; the exact amount will be sent to you) 


You must confirm that the order is correct. Any inaccuracies must be reported to us within 48 hours of delivery. 


If you call off your order any time before shipping, the order will be fully reimbursed. If your order has been shipped, and it is on its way to you or the installation center, please inform us immediately. We will try as hard as we can your order and have it returned to us, but please be advised that the credit for the order will be issued as per our Refund Guidelines 


If you refuse delivery of your order, a partial refund will be issued, as per our Refund Guidelines 


If you need to return or exchange an item, please call us on 15834. Orders in need of return or exchange must be informed before confirmation or the order will not be accepted. 


Return Conditions and Procedures: All merchandise must be in new condition, unused and undamaged. Tires must not be driven on. All merchandise must be properly packaged as per the packaging instructions. Products can tolerate strong impacts during shipping and should therefore be packaged securely as described below, preferably with our original packaging. 









Tires are shipped as-is (not boxed)... 

Tires, size permitting, can be strapped together in pairs. 


Under no circumstances will (BC Egypt for E-Commerce) accept a return of a product that is damaged due to negligence.  


Please note that the product(s) are the customer's responsibility until we inspect for damages and take possession. 


Refund Guidelines: 


When you have returned the order, the refund issued will be credited to your original payment method (when permitted). 


The refund will be credited to your payment method minus the return fees that are based on the cost of transport 


Under no circumstances do we refund mounting and balancing fees. 



Please note that the product(s) are the customer's responsibility until we inspect for damages and take possession. 



There are times when the order must be returned for a full refund. A full refund will be issued for the following reasons: 


1-The wrong product was received and is responsible. 

2-The product is defective. Please see our Warranty section for details. 

3-Product approved by does not fit the described vehicle and no disclaimer has been issued. Please refer to our Guarantee Policy. 


Please note: it can take up to 5 working days to process your refund. 



Lost Shipments: 


If your order has not been fully delivered and it is past the guaranteed delivery date, please contact us as soon as possible on 15834 so we can initiate a "trace" with the courier. This is the procedure used to try and locate parcels that have not been delivered. If the package is located, it will be delivered as soon as possible. If the courier is not able to locate the package, we will report an insurance claim. In this case, the courier covers the costs to send you exact replacements of what was lost. We will have these replacements shipped to you as soon as possible. In the event of lost shipments, we only replace the order with the exact same product. We cannot provide a refund, and we cannot change the order to a different product. 







Damaged Products: 


If your order is damaged in some way, you must Email us immediately. We will request you send us photos of the potential damage so we can assess the problem. 


If the order was damaged in shipping, then we will initiate a claim with the courier. It is important that you keep ALL the packaging material as the courier may want to inspect it. If the courier agrees to take responsibility, we will arrange to ship an exact replacement for that damaged part. We cannot provide a refund nor change to a different product. Claims with the courier must be completed prior to us shipping you a replacement product. 

In the unlikely event that the product was damaged prior to shipping, we will review the photos to determine the cause of the damage. It is possible that we need to proceed with a physical inspection of the product and need to plan a pickup. If we determine that the damage occurred before we shipped the order, then we will replace the product or damaged part. We cannot provide a refund nor change to a different product. 

If we determine that damage occurred after you received the order, we reserve the right to assess the damaged product on a case-by-case basis and determine the amount of partial refund. 


If the order is returned under our guarantee policy, and we determine that the product was damaged by the client or the installation center, this voids the fitment guarantee policy. No refund will be issued.


(22) Payment Options:

You can pay for your tire order online via the secure payment section.

To make a payment, we accept most major debit and credit cards, including:

• Mastercard or Visa:

  • Choose a credit card as your payment method.
  • Enter all required data ( card number – card placeholder name – CVV – Expiry date) and click complete payment.
  • Enter the OTP to complete the payment.


• Valu:

ValU helps you get what you want now, and pay as you can afford on a monthly basis.


-How to use it?

  • Download the App:

To install valU, download the application from the Apple App Store, Google Play or Huawei AppGallery

  • Apply & Create your Account:

Launch valU and follow its step-by-step application procedures. To complete your application you will need to enter your personal details, your employment and banking information.

  • Activate your Account:

You can submit your documents at any one of its conveniently located activation points. If you are a credit card holder or have previously taken a loan, you receive an instant decision. If not, the app will list the next steps needed to get your valU.


* For further assistance you can contact ValU at 16671



• Fawry: 

  • Once you place your order successfully you will receive an SMS & Email with a Fawry order number confirming that the payment is pending.
  • Please ask the Fawry agent that you want to pay for @Fawry service.