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In 1871, Continental was established in Hanover, Germany, as Continental-Caoutchouc- und Gutta-Percha Compagnie.
The first Daimler-produced car to be called Mercedes achieves a thrilling conquering on Continental pneumatics in the Nice-Salon-Nice car race and that victory was in 1901.

In 1904, Continental provided the world’s first automobile tire with a patterned tread.
In 1914, Triple victory for Daimlers fitted with Continental tires at the French Grand Prix.

In 2012, Comprehensive experimentation of automated driving started in the U.S. state of Nevada. A highly automated Continental test vehicle has covered 15,000 miles of public roads so far - without any accidents.

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All available tires from Continental

  • Comfort Contact 6 Continental

    Comfort Contact 6

    Designed for driving pleasure, the Comfort Contact 6 offers a comfortable, quiet driving experience and delivers value through improved tread life.

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  • Conti 4x4 Contact Continental

    Conti 4x4 Contact

    An all-season luxury light truck/SUV touring tire for good traction and handling and a quiet, comfortable ride.

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  • ContiPremiumContact Continental


    The Premium Contact is the safest and most comfortable tire that Continental has ever made.

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  • ContiPremiumContact 2 Continental

    ContiPremiumContact 2

    Luxury touring tire designed for a wide range of vehicles and used extensively as original equipment by the world’s leading car manufacturers.

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  • ContiPremiumContact 5 Continental

    ContiPremiumContact 5

    The Continental Premium Contact 5 is an all season high performance tyre developed to combine top performance with strong safety characteristics.

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  • ContiSportContact 3 Continental

    ContiSportContact 3

    Extreme traction, superb vehicle performance. Used extensively as original equipment fitments by the world’s leading car manufacturers.

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  • ContiSportContact 5 Continental

    ContiSportContact 5

    Excellent steering precision and handling with superb grip. Improved safety with shorter braking distances.

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  • CrossContact UHP Continental

    CrossContact UHP

    The Continental Cross Contact UHP is a summer tire specifically designed for high performance, fast 4x4 vehicles.

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  • Premium Contact 6 Continental

    Premium Contact 6

    A high performance tire, designed by Continental for a sporty and comfortable ride.

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  • UltraContact 5 Continental

    UltraContact 5

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  • UltraContact 6 Continental

    UltraContact 6

    The Ultra Contact 6 includes game-changing technology to deliver exceptional tread life without compromising its safety or handling.

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