Tire Safety Tips

Tire Safety Tips

What Should I Check?

We have a quick five point tire check that we strongly recommend you complete:

• Check overall condition of tires, including inner and outer sidewalls.
• Check tire tread depth.
• Check all tire pressures.
• Check signs of irregular wear.
• Check and examine the spare tire.

Tire Pressures

A tire does not have to look flat to be under inflated. To be safe you should check the pressure at least once a fortnight. If you are unsure as to what the correct pressure is for your vehicle, have a look in the Vehicle Manual.

Always remember that tire pressure should only be tested when your tires are cold - a good guideline is to leave them for an hour after driving so that they can cool down.

If you drive around on under or over inflated tires, your vehicle's handling will be seriously affected – in most cases the vehicle will become unstable.

The wrong tire pressure also increases tire wear, significantly shortening its lifespan and increasing the chances of the tire failing whilst driving.

Wheel Alignment

If your tire is evenly worn across the surface, then this could be a sign of over/under inflation. However, if it is only worn on one edge it is likely to be the result of poor wheel alignment. If this is the case you need to have a professional garage check your tracking.

Wheel Balancing

An unbalanced wheel can cause dangerous mechanical damage. All Blackcircles.com.eg tire fitting centres will balance your wheel as a matter of course after replacing your tire.

Tread Depth

The tire tread depth in a new tire is approximately 8 millimeters, and you can know that you must change the tire when you measure the tire’s tread and find that it reached 3 millimeters or 1.3 millimeters as a minimum.

Spare Tire

Even if you never use your spare it is still vital that you check that it is in good condition. Check the pressure and the tire tread periodically.

It is better to discover any problems in a safe and comfortable environment, i.e. at home, than by the roadside.