Kinergy eco (K425)

Hankook Kinergy eco (K425)

Hankook's Kinergy Eco K425 tire has been developed with an aim to be more fuel efficient and more environmentally friendly than previous models.

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1,034.98 EGP to 1,034.98 EGP
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Product description & features for Hankook Kinergy eco (K425)

  • Improved dry handling without sacrificing wet handling
  • Improved wet braking performance
  • Use of new materials and technology for better fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions
The tire features an asymmetric tread design with 3 wide straight channels which are highly effective at removing surface water from the tire's path increasing performance in the wet as well as reducing the risk of aquaplaning.

All sizes available for Hankook Kinergy eco (K425)

All 175's
175/50 R15 H (75)
  • Korea

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