Smart Plus (H429)
 Smart Plus (H429)
 Smart Plus (H429)
 Smart Plus (H429)

Hankook Smart Plus (H429)

This is the premium-level practical tire that is equipped with the optimized capability for topography and climate as well as economic value for reasonable consumers with the technology.

Prices (installation included) from:

1,075.00 EGP to 5,314.00 EGP
Tire installation price includes delivery (additional fees may apply for remote area shipping)!

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Product description & features for Hankook Smart Plus (H429)

  • Maximization of adjust stability through the premium-level center rib block
  • Optimal ground image through high-tech simulation
  • Adopting premium-level 4 groove
Various cross-section angles are applied on the block edge part to realize the optimal braking capability. Abnormal abrasion is minimized by realizing the pressure on optimal tread ground part through the high-tech simulation. By improving the combination of the carbon molecule, outstanding abrasion-resistance is asserted.

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Review filled at date : 25/11/2021


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165/80 R13 T (83)
  • Indonesia
  • New DOT
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205/75 R15 H (97)
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  • New DOT
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225/75 R15 H (102)
  • Korea
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