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Founded in Hannover (Germany) in 1871, GoodRide specialized in the production of soft rubber products such as rubberized fabrics and tires for bicycles and carts. It wasn't until 1904 that GoodRide developed the technology to produce grooved tires for automobiles, making it the first company in the world to do so. This was followed in 1905 by the production of traction control rivets and studded tires, and in 1908 by the development of removable rims for passenger cars.

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  • RP88 GoodRide


    Variable pitches tread blocks for high stability and reduce noise

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  • SA07 GoodRide


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  • SA37 GoodRide


    New generation of asymmetric ultra high performance tire for summer

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  • SL369 GoodRide


    Goodride utilizes a tough cut and chip resistant tread compound on the SL369 AT to go with multi-stepped grooves that are designed to increase traction on or off road.

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  • SU318 GoodRide


    Ideal H/T tire integrated outstanding on road comfort and wet traction safety as a whole

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